Vitamin Value with Viraj Sheth.

Vitamin Value with Viraj Sheth.

Thanks to the digitized world we live in that almost everyone can be an influencer now. You don’t need to be a big screen Bollywood star to get your voice heard. Social Media has given us numerous great artists who are the brand in itself. But as they say, never involve the creative person in the dreadful aspects of logistics and finance. With the audience for content creators being more reachable than ever, it’s essential to have someone who can help you develop your digital brand.


In today’s vitamin series, we are bringing in the inspiring anecdote of the immensely talented Mr. Viraj Sheth. At the age of 24, he is the co-founder of the thriving digital agency, Monk entertainment. A BE in electronics engineering, Viraj is a hardcore Jugaadu. Who in India isn’t? Well, there’s much more to his story and let’s slowly uncover the aspects of this aspiring youth. 


Monk entertainment is a digital marketing company that offers overall solutions for growing the brand’s presence digitally. It is a modern-day marketing agency working on conceptualization, development, and implementation of digital strategies to create thriving brands. It is designed around the simple idea of getting your voice heard. 


But how did this all started? 


Now, if you are a hardcore social media hogger, you must have come across Ranveer Allahbadia, better known for its brand Beer Biceps. Well, Viraj was his junior from engineering college, and their tale is usual like every college buddies who have a bunch of crazy ideas. Viraj was a president at the IT cell of his college and was looking for ways to take it non traditionally. In no time, he started managing Beer biceps to increase its collaborations with brands. He sent thousands of cold emails, pitched hundreds of clients with no idea whatsoever, conceptualized, leveraged, and materialized Beer biceps. He evolved it into the brand it is today. Slowly he started helping and managing other YouTubers from Ranveer’s network. Gradually, he transformed the traditional methods of the talent management industry. 

Viraj was applying to universities in the US and was working with Avalon when he and Ranveer decided to give this informal stint a formal shape. They identified this wave of money trend falling in youtube and took their gut call. And that’s how Monk entertainment started in 2017. 


There’s much more to this story, and this is just a peek into how it all began.


So, did Monk entertainment had it all achieved since the beginning?


Definitely, not. It all started with talent management in a garage that operated as an office. There were struggles, and there were low times too. But, there was a determination to offer digital transformation to brands. They networked heavily and made their way through leading brands. Viraj gained their credibility with his USP of speed and by freeing people from the burden. While making money is part of business, their goal is to add long term considerable value to the clients. With emotional connection and Empathy, Monk entertainment has addressed the pain points of these brands.

From a team of 3 to 30+, the company grew by bounds. It evolved to be a holistic digital industry offering talent management, video production, social media management, and influencer marketing, 


So what makes this story inspiring?


Name it to the hard work, jugaad, unflinching attitude, or consistency, Viraj proved his mettle as a digital entrepreneur. Today he is the most powerful person in the talent management of the Indian youtube community. As Ranveer says, Viraj has his money placed on the top youtube talents of India. He grooms the talent, advises them, mentors them, and guide them. 


Some key takeaways of his philosophy-

  • Always be on your toes. Never be complacent with where you have reached. The thrill that got you started should remain throughout. 
  • Add value to the clients. That should be the core ideology for business success. 
  • Build a legacy. Be a job creator and not a job seeker. 
  • Be consistent and take one step at a time. 
  • Practice confidence. 


Viraj is the head of operations, spine to Monk entertainment, and an aspiration for every millennial. 


In this country where we often relate age to success, this story is proof that age doesn’t matter. We are the generation that grew with social media. We are a generation of self-taught individuals. We are the Millenials of today, and we have the mettle to achieve anything.

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