The quintessential importance of Vitamin- Education.

The quintessential importance of Vitamin- Education.

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

In today’s time where almost everyone claims to be an influencer, reality as we all know, very few
holds the knack of influencing. World out there is competitive and to fight that World, we need to be
the best at what we love doing. Besides, why opt for being an average bystander when you can
achieve the best of everything.

They say age and experience go hand in hand. Well, we beg to differ. And you would too after reading
this short anecdote of the very famous, Mr Aman Dhattarwal. While most of us struggle to figure our
lives in our early twenties, this 23-year-old public speaker made quite a spectacle of himself with his
endearing wits and talent. A B-tech graduate from NSIT, Aman is quite a well career explorer.

Aman started as YouTuber 5 years back and has a scooping fan following of more than 2 million
subscribers, today. So what exactly drew this massive subscriber base? Well, his ability to connect
with the youth of today. While youths around are striving to make it to IIT and IIM, his motivational
content is making an incredible impact on this age group.

He joined Unacademy, the largest learning platform as an educator back in 2018. His live videos became an instant hit amongst the students in no time. Name it to his exceptional talent, his teaching abilities or his sheer genuineness; he has an ability to help students achieve even the most unrealistic goals. There’s a reason why he is the number 1 IIT JEE educator at Unacademy. He is a founder at Apni Kaksha, another of his most successful youtube venture.

We were sourcing through some of his videos, and what remains common throughout is his direct
approach. You won’t see any buttered sweet talks or illogical nonsense in his content. And we guess
that is what drives him this large viewership base.

He is ambitious. He is humble. He believes in the possibility of impossible. And that’s what makes him
the most soughed after inspiration amongst the youths of today.

A YouTuber, public speaker, career counsellor, Educator and an Influencer, Aman truly is the shining star at this age.

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