The importance of Vitamin S in this tech-savvy world.

The importance of Vitamin S in this tech-savvy world.

“Those who tell stories rule the World”.

The brands who can successfully convey the human stories hold commendable influence
within the community. Through our Vitamin series, we bring you all an anecdote of Mr
Angad Manchanda, an expert at weaving web of compelling stories to offer brands a
competitive edge.

The CEO and CO- founder at Chimp&Z Inc, Angad started his journey way back in 2008
where he worked as a Marketing head for Continental Book suppliers. After completing his
graduation in Business Administration from Mumbai University, he worked jobs at Cogmat,
FoxyMoron, eClerx and even Jack in the box worldwide for varying roles before stepping into
the full-time profession of co-founding companies since 2013.

Chimp&Z Inc, another of the digital marketing agency in Mumbai saw the day of inception in
2013, only to make a distinct mark of themselves forever. Angad continued on his path to
establishing companies that can contribute to the overall digital transformation of business
and brands. He co-founded many of the multi-faceted creative and production agencies
Griffin pictures, Sabertooth technologies and Search Munky that is spread across India and
Northern American regions.

While it is possible to remain unknown to these brands it’s nearly impossible to miss the
work they have bought to life over the years. As Angad says, they provide platforms and
pathways for brands to amplify their voices in crowded space. Over the past few years, they
have created a distinct image of theirs with their passionate storytelling concept. That to
say, each of their services involves one similar barometer, not fitting in a common box. An
idea is all it takes to shape a brand personality, but nothing they do is something already
known. He or rather I would say his team, experiments with design stories by keeping
originality, passion and innovation alive throughout.

Storytelling is the best way to capture people’s attention. And that’s the only philosophy
sticking with which Angad managed to work with clients like UNICEF, Bournvita, DHL, Tata
Sky, Dineout, Parachute and many more, in the times when there are hundreds of digital
marketing agencies amongst thousands. He firmly believes in his Chimps, the team that is
allowed to swing their creative minds freely. With a strengthening force of digital brilliance,
technology and media flair, Angad indeed has managed to pin his company on a global map.

In a recent tech-savvy World, Angad shows how no amount of digitalization can take away
the power of the story. Tech should enable us instead of captivating us to bonds and barriers.

“Think Like An MNC, Work As A Startup”, an ideology at Chimp&z Inc, is worth following in
this Globally connected World.

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