The Best Social Media Recruitment Strategies in 2020

The Best Social Media Recruitment Strategies in 2020

Social media is no longer a platform for personal fun and entertainment. Its use in the professional field is increasing with each passing day. Social media recruiting is a thing and employers across the world are using these platforms to find their potential candidates.

Want to know about the best social media recruitment strategies for 2020? We have these 3 solid ways of recruiting your employee through social media.

  1. Spread your presence online

Gone are the days when companies had the complete hold over the job market. Today’s market is candidate-driven and candidates are picky when it comes to choosing an organization for job opportunities. We live in a digitized world where it would be wrong if you don’t have your company’s presence online. Spread your clutches to various social media and professional platforms. Candidates often search for information online while applying to your organization. Make sure they get concrete evidence about what you do, awards and recognition you have received and favourable working conditions. Your online presence should emotionally connect with people. It’s a recruitment strategy of attracting potential candidate rather than pursuing them.

  1. Incorporate hashtags

Be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, make sure your advert for employee vacancy reaches potential candidate. Research about the trending hashtags used by candidates in your field. Use them effectively to attract and source potential candidates. Keep these hashtags as specific as possible. If you cannot find any relevant hashtag, it’s perhaps a time to create your own. Your hashtag should have an impact. Make sure the hashtag you are using is unique and carries a purpose.

  1. Use LinkedIn resourcefully

LinkedIn is a great platform with abundant potential. Use it optimally to find your correct candidate. That to say firstly create an active presence on LinkedIn. Don’t merely be a company who is there looking for an employee. As said, earlier, people want an emotional connect, a pride to be working for something significant. Incorporate keywords in your search while finding a candidate. Look for candidates on industry-specific groups you are connected with.

You see social media strategies for recruitment are diverse. You can carry an online social media advertising, campaigns and might even involve existing employees to recruit new ones. But in the end, your social media strategy should be such that the potential candidates find you instead of the other way around. And this is only possible when you create a fun, exciting and favourable employer brand online.

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