Productivity Tools for Startups

Productivity Tools for Startups

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There is a rapid increment in the rate at which startups are emerging across the world. Thousands of bootstrapped startup are launching every year and with a shoestring budget at disposal, it becomes crucially important to gain productivity with the help of various tools. Here is the list of tools that would ease your work and would facilitate productivity.

1. Designing software

Designing has become an integral aspect of every business. And while graphic designers are highly in demand, not everyone could afford the services of a graphic designer. Startups operate at a shoestring budget and multitasking is the need of an hour. There are myriads of designing software which allows people with different proficiency levels to design with ease. Tools like Canva offers thousands of template designs for free and is amongst the best tool for amateurs. For an advanced level of graphic needs, tools like Photoshop, Corel and Illustrator could be used.

2.Communication software

From messaging apps to email providers, communication software facilitates ease in communication within an organization. The chat app Slack is acclaimed worldwide for the communication flow it offers within an organization. Share files, send messages and collaborate with team members with its easy interface. Slack has found its places in a large chunk of the organization for its freemium and premium services.

3.Outsourcing tools

There always exists a cash crunch in startups or newly launched businesses. And while hiring an employee may seem feasible in most cases, availing the services of outsourcing could save you from large chunk of fixed compensation expenses.Β  Tools like UpWork, Freelancer, People per hour offers a large platform to connect with freelancers. You could avail the services from competent individuals for a sum of the amount at your convenience.

4.Financial management software

Multitasking is the term associated with startups so frequently that it has almost become a synonym for the same. The use of accounting software keeps a tab on the flow of money, thereby helping in easy management of income and expenses. There are multiple financial softwares available in the market and each varies from others in terms of its usability. Be it the need for accountancy, billing or invoice generation, financial management tools are a prime necessity for each organization. QuickBooks, Oracle financial clouds, Xero are amongst the best financial tools available in the market.

5.Social media tools

Manage the footprints of your startup on various social media through tools like Hootsuite, Coschedule and pagemodo. They help you plan your social media postings, review them, track engagement and analyse the reports. After all, website maintenance isn’t enough for getting engagement.

There are myriads of CRM, HR, mind mapping and other tools that help in generating productive results by making our work more organized and easy. The need of varied productive tools varies from startup to startup. Usage of effective productive tools results in

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