Latest Trends in Resume Writing

Latest Trends in Resume Writing

Resume undoubtedly is the most important piece of document to help you get in someplace exciting. We agree that a piece of paper cannot contain all the information to judge your skill sets. However, it surely is an important document to help you get started with.

You see, whenever you apply for a job, a resume is the first document that creates an impression in the mind of a reader. Moreover, in this tech-driven World, resumes aren’t even screened individually. The ATS system screens the resume and you might end in the trash before any human could even go through it.

It is more important than ever to make your resume ATS compatible. And having said that, we have curated this list of 4 essential resume trends that would ensure that your resume does stand out.

  1. Compact resume

Stop extending your resume for pages and pages when you can summarize it in a page or two max. Never extend your resume for over two pages. If you have way too much experience to contain in pages, screen the essential information, and let go of non-useful details. Remember, the details you put in must enable the reader to make detailed and informed choices. In short, don’t dump your resume with details that cannot help you get your next job.

  1. Keywords for ATS screening

Remember that time when people started giving themselves fancy titles. For instance, Content evangelist, Coding Ninja, etc. Well, those don’t work anymore. Your resume would be screened by an ATS and it wouldn’t give you extra credits for these creative titles. Keep the title clear and general. That is stick to content writer, Android developer, PHP developer, etc. You can ace your creative skills during an interview process.

  1. Resume writing services

With writing a resume becoming quite a complex task, the trend for resume writing services is gaining momentum. People are willing to pay experts who know the nuances of resume writing in great detail. These experts are well versed with the working of ATS software and can help you create resumes that would parse the Tech software.

Have you tried the resume writing services yet? Well, if you are looking for a head start, check our page. We have some exciting packages for you, out there.

  1. Resume format

The skill-based resume format is gaining popularity over reverse chronological order. Here the emphasis is given on skills relevant to the job rather than work experience. This is because employers these days are more concerned about skill sets, even when it’s a fresher excelling at those skills.

So, what is your viewpoint on these trends? Have you tailored made your resume to fit these trends? If not, do so right away.

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