How will lock Down Affects Jobs in IT Industry

How will lock Down Affects Jobs in IT Industry

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The year 2020 that started with the bang of bad news hasn’t bought the much required ray of hope yet. The situation in fact is worsening with each passing day. We are amidst the unprecedented times that has affected the lives of mankind the most.

The world, in literal terms stopped functioning. Business operations have come to pause and industries have shut their doors for months for the first time. The pandemic of Covid 19 has confined us to the boundaries of our homes. And while this remains to be the best decision in favor of mankind, economies have drained and there is a long way ahead before we recover from these tough times.

With economies sinking to extreme depths, we cannot ignore the impact it will have on job market, not only in India but across the World. People have already started losing their jobs as the huge corporations and small business houses cannot afford to sustain them. With nearly 2 months into lock down, we cannot blame the industries and business houses that are trying hard to sustain themselves. In these extreme situations it is of extreme difficulty to retain the employees.

Even the IT industries which indeed is promised as the most blooming career choice for individuals, seems to show a decline. Not only is an industry of IT, every industry in every country is facing a severe decline in growth.

With lockdown in action, majority of the firms have turned their operations remote. Despite being the relief offered to IT industry to start with their operations, there are many guidelines to adhere to. The most prominent being the extreme hygiene and sanitary actions at workplace along with the rule of operating with 50% of staff.

Now, majority of the IT startups that are funded by Venture capitalists are facing difficulties in sustaining their staff. Even if they are adhering to permanent staff, most of the firms are predicted to lay off their temporary staff. There is a tremendous decline in hiring of employees across all IT spectrums because of this unprecedented crisis.

Besides, with operations turning remote, the work culture in India is going to experience a tremendous paradigm shift. Remote work that was considered ineffective in our country is now adapted by majority of companies’ out of compulsion. And the results from remote work aren’t dreadful at all. It won’t be surprising if the large proportion of these companies shift to remote work even after everything returns back to normalcy. Remote work has shown results of increased productivity in less time, which would further cut down inessential job roles.

There is no denying to the fact that there would be negative slope in hiring of employees in IT industry after lockdown. For the long time ahead, till the firms recover, inefficient or at times even efficient employees would be removed and unnecessary job roles would be cut off the charts.

It is of extreme importance to make careful career choices now more than ever.

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