How to Keep Your Staff Motivated During a Lockdown

How to Keep Your Staff Motivated During a Lockdown

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Life is unpredictable and this cannot be any truer looking at recent times. We are facing an unprecedented crisis and human lives are at stake. The economy is facing a sudden standstill and businesses have turned their operations remote during these hard times. It is of crucial importance to keep your employees motivated during these times of difficulty to avoid panic.

These are among the most feasible ways to keep your employees motivated if they are working remotely during the lockdown.

  1. Communicate effectively

Communication plays the most crucial role in the relationship of any kind. Be it personal or professional. While your employee is working from home in these unprecedented times, it is more than essential to maintain a streamline of proper communication with them. Let them know your expectations and equip them with tools essential to perform effectively. Demarcate the modes of communication effectively for each purpose. With a clear sense of direction, your employees would be motivated enough to maintain, if not increase their productivity.

  1. Loosen down the reins

Times are hard and it is hard to maintain stability for individuals. You need to loosen down the reins instead of being like a hawk in their lives. Understand that in order to work effectively from home, one needs a proper environment. And that might not be the case for each of your employees. Give them some time to settle in and adjust to new working ways. Offer them assistance in each way possible by being available for them. Be a supporter and leader instead of being a boss for the time being.

  1. Allow them flexibility

If you insist on maintaining the same work hours as workplace till lockdown extends, your employee would feel like a captive. You need to understand the difference between working from home and at workplace. At-home employees are surrounded by family members and situations might arises which won’t be in complete control of your employee. If their type of work doesn’t require to be done in a specific time frame then allow them the flexibility to work at their own timings. Employees feel motivated when they are trusted.

  1. Offer recognition

Just because an employee is working remotely doesn’t mean you could get done with the recognition part. Let them know when they perform exceptionally through a thank you mail or an acknowledgement in front of their colleagues (through virtual platforms).

  1. Offer assurance

Times are difficult and everyone is afraid of losing their jobs. It is your time to be the person they can rely on and place their trust. Assure them that their jobs would be safe despite this crisis. When an employee is mentally tension-free they are naturally motivated enough to perform better.

We would surely win this battle against Corona. But that would only be the case when we fight for this together, by being there for each other throughout.

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