How the Job Market Will Change in 2020

How the Job Market Will Change in 2020

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Change is what makes us powerful for our future. We cannot sustain without change and the same holds true for the job market. The job market is constantly evolving even when we fail to notice the changes it demands.

Now the year 2020 that started with a bang faced a severe pause as we witnessed the unprecedented crisis of COVID 19. An entire world faced the setback and has not till time recovered from it. Businesses that never went off business had to shut their doors for months. With the economy hitting its lowest low, things aren’t going to remain the same. Rather it would take us all a long long time before we all recover.

This year the job market is going to face a severe backlash. Blame it on changing times, COVID 19 or technology but people are being laid off and salary cuts are slowly becoming a new norm. Not that we are supporting it, but this is an honest prediction and vision for the changes that are about to happen in the job market in 2020.

These changes are in context to impact of COVID 19 as well as a technological takeover.

Unnecessary job roles would be cancelled and hiring would freeze even in the second quarter of 2020. Especially if you’re aiming for the positions that are easily replaceable by technology or AI. Business firms would cancel all their hiring plans by delaying interviews or closing vacancies. This is to be noticed largely in organizations where automation hasn’t yet taken over.

Inefficient employees would be laid off and salary cuts would become the norm for a time being. Especially if your competency isn’t of great value. Your skill sets would find its value the most after this pandemic gets over.

Talking from a technological perspective, it was predicted even before the pandemic that job roles that are easily replaceable through automation and AI would gradually be removed. This would be visible across all organizations in varied countries. Technology would take over human jobs and rightfully so. The manual and lower level of organization would be facing the backlash in the job market. It is perhaps the time to upgrade your skills or you would be out of the job market seeking a new career.

This job market change won’t merely be limited to organizations involved in the production or business of any kind. This would be visible in specialized professions of scientist and doctors as well.

Like said, change is happening at a constant level. But we miss it until it becomes glaringly evident. People at all ends of the economic spectrum would be impacted by the changes in the job market.

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