Hottest IT Jobs and Job trends in 2020

Hottest IT Jobs and Job trends in 2020

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The rapidly moving world of today is in the clutches of tech-savvy professionals, who are making our lives easier than ever. Tech nerds are ruling the world and if you could see yourself creating disruption through technology, make your career in leading areas of IT industry.

Job Museum is the recruitment consultancy in Surat. With our close association with leading business and IT firms, we have curated this list of job roles that would easily lend you a high paying IT job in Surat.

  1. DevOps engineer

Consider making your career as a DevOps engineer as this job role is not going off the trend for decades to come. With a thorough understanding of software development lifecycle, DevOps engineers are involved in continuous integration and continuous deployment. Apart from the hard technical skills, Soft skills for management and communication would also be sourced after. Highly dynamic IT firms are increasingly looking for DevOps engineer who could speedup up their software releases through constant testing and deployment. With attractive perks and benefits, companies across the world are in search of competent DevOps engineers.

  1. Data scientist/analyst/engineer

Data is like an unpolished diamond from the mines of Africa. But it is Data analysts, scientist and engineers that actually processes the data to facilitate informative decision making. While the role of data analyst offers entry-level work exposure, Data engineers and Data scientists are high in demand for solving complex problems. As a data scientist, an individual is expected to analyse and interpret complex data.  There is a large chunk of unresolved data across the world and the need for data specialists is not decreasing anytime soon.

  1. Security engineer

Larger the company, more vulnerable it is to the external threats.  Security engineers are increasingly in demand to protect large systems from infiltration and cyber-attacks. Their role is to secure the systems from any possible threats through their dealings with antivirus softwares and firewalls. Security engineers would continue to develop robust security protocols to monitor and protect sensitive data. This is a flaming field for opportunities and if you’re finding ways to put your tech-savvy skills to use, security engineer is a career you should opt for.

  1. Software engineer

The demand for software engineers would never see a downhill. From an application on your phone to different systems on your laptop, every company across the world uses varied types of software to ease their business functioning. Expertise and proficiency in programming languages and SQL are some of the basic laid down criteria for software engineers. Get your degree, set your professional foot and before you know you would be solving complex system issues.

  1. System engineer

The system engineer is amongst the top IT jobs that would trend in 2020. As a system engineer, you would be involved in implementing computer systems for businesses and organizations. The role of a system engineer is largely diversified. This role requires an apt amalgamation of technical and non- technical skills like communication. If you could see yourself working in a high paced environment, then system engineering is a career to pursue.

  1. AI architect

Artificial intelligence has already entered our lives and it won’t be long before AI becomes normalcy in our lives. AI is to bring disruptive changes in the market and as an AI architect one would be expected to have thorough knowledge regarding Machine learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI integration and its programming. AI architects would involve themselves in close interaction with clients, facilitating them in understanding their business needs thoroughly. The year of 2020 is yet to see tremendous and more disruptive forms of AI in daily lives. AI architects are highly soughed after and the career in same shows promising growth and development.

  1. Web developers

Millions of websites are being launched every year. Organizations are spreading their reach through online platforms and web developers are in demand more than ever. With the correct set of skills you could set your foot as web developers and talking from the financial aspect, web developers are amongst the highest paid IT professionals across the world.

Disruptive trends are emerging at an increasing rate. It is benefiting those who are involved in generating that change. Any career that is related to technology is bound to reach soaring skies for the decades to come.

Connect with Job Museum if you’re looking out for an It jobs in Surat as a fresher. We could help you get the best opportunities in the leading IT companies of Surat.


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