Fun Learning with a Dose of Vitamin E- Education

Fun Learning with a Dose of Vitamin E- Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

In this tech-driven world where everything around us has paved its way to the digitized platform, it isn’t surprising that education has also taken the form of online learning. However, what’s surprising is the large scale acceptance of online learning techniques amongst avid learners within a short period.

If you’re an avid eye keeper on thriving and emerging startups, it is impossible to have missed the name of Byju- an online ed-tech company. The ed-tech startup managed to attract investment from Chan Zuckerberg, Naspers, CPPIB, general Atlantic, Tiger Global, Sequoia, and many more. While the accolade of being the World’s largest online platform is a success in itself, it is the basic ideologies and philosophies which make Byju, an invincible platform for the present and future.

Today’s anecdote revolves around Ms. Divya Gokulnath, the co-founder at Byju. Divya, who happens to be the wife of Mr. Raveendran Byju, the founder at Byju, came across Byju classes right after her graduation in Biotechnology. This was around 2007-08 when she enrolled herself into one of Byju’s prominent classes for her preparations in GRE. While she waited for results to get into leading universities abroad, she was offered to teach students who were just 4-5years younger than herself. The results came in, she got selected for Universities in the US but she had to let go of those offers. The love for teaching inspired her to make a conscious decision of giving away her admissions abroad and ever since then her association with Byju has remained intact. She started as a student and is today the co-founder of the largest ed-tech startup in the World.

In 2011, Byju made a swift change from offline educational services to completely online product based module with the launch of Byju’s ed-tech. In 2015, Byju was launched as a mobile application and is today spread across 1700 and more cities in India.

But what makes Byju so special and successful?

Well, as Divya believes, Byju addresses the need. This is what makes it so special and acceptable amongst the targeted audience. The core philosophy at Byju would always be teaching, learning, and adapting. Tech is excruciatingly used to facilitate ease and establish positive relevance. The core idea of the ed-tech startup revolves around making learning as easy as possible. It is through digital animation videos and a strong team at the back end that enables them to present each concept in a way that makes it easy to remember and grasp. Byju collaborated with Disney to introduce fun based learning for early learners. The team at Byju strongly believes that the concept of learning should be playful, no matter what.

In the light of the recent pandemic, Byju made the entire of its course curriculum free, making it accessible for all. The new feature of live classes was implemented with utmost precision within a week and it was an overnight success. With nearly 42 million online users and 3 million annual subscribers, this ed-tech startup is breaking barriers at each passing step.

For Divya, there is no point in keeping professional life distinct, as she firmly believes that work is her life. She has a five-year-old daughter today and while she was on maternity leave, she utilized that time recording videos to shape Byju’s online platform. Through visuals and interaction, it takes a great deal of research and understanding to offer a seamless learning experience. She firmly believes that the result of the video needs to be as simple as possible even when it takes 1000 man-hours to bring one video to life. When she is not teaching, she hones the cap of brand marketing, communications, and mentoring apart from being the most vigilant co-founder.

The teacher by choice and an entrepreneur by chance, the commitment, vision, and abilities of Divya are truly worth adapting. Nothing is as complicated as you think and you are much better than you think you are. It is perhaps the time we accept these core ideologies in our life as well.

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