Emerging Trends in the Job Market Post Covid 19

Emerging Trends in the Job Market Post Covid 19

The job market in India has witnessed a paradigm shift following the global crisis post COVID-19 compelling majority of businesses to shift from ‘real to virtual’.

The global pandemic and the consequent lock down has resulted into:

  1. A shift towards digitization
  2. Creation of new start-ups
  3. Increase in Remote Working

All these factors have changed the landscape of job market. Our city Surat, the second largest city in Gujarat, is among the top ranking smart cities of India. Post Covid-19, many IT businesses and Digital Marketing companies are witnessing a boom and have countless opportunities for employment. In fact in the past few months, we have seen a rise in IT jobs in Surat as well as Digital marketing jobs in Surat.

The pandemic has fast-tracked the digital transformations at many workplaces. As a result, professionals with digital skills and technical expertise are certainly going to be on a company’s must-hire list. This has lead to a surge in demand for IT specialists, Coding Experts, Content Writers, SEO specialists, Web Designers, Web Developers, Digital Marketers and so on. Due to remote working and cost cutting, companies are now on the lookout to hire freelancers possessing the required skills and expertise who fit in their budget.

Most businesses now focus on creating holistic capabilities to leverage the opportunities presented by the new digital age technology. Most of the companies in the Technology sector are already proving to be a major game changer for employment generation in the city. Considering this, Placement companies have a vital role to play in scanning the job opportunities during this crisis period, rapidly responding to the vacancies and recruiting the right candidates for the role. Many Placement Companies in Surat are positively back on track, focusing on bridging the employment gap to meet the needs of a new era of digitization.

Technology is shaping the future of the employment globally. We are a Surat based leading job placement consultants, and can assist you in grabbing the opportunities present in the post corona virus job market.

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