Current Employment Scenario in India 2021

Current Employment Scenario in India 2021

The Indian job market was improving slowly and steadily after a big decline of 60% in April 2020 and May 2020 in the first wave of the pandemic.

But, the situation turned again with the second wave of the pandemic. The second wave of Covid-19 has rendered over 10 Million people jobless.

A nationwide survey of over 1.75 lakh concluded unemployment reaches 11.9% in May 2021. It continued rising in June 2021 as well and reached 13% on June 6, 2021. However, some of the researches and studies show 8 out of 10 employers are recruiting actively.

After witnessing a dip in April 2021, May 2021, and June 2021 showed green signals of recovery.Β  IT- Software, Hardware hiring witnessed Y-O-Y growth of 49 percent in Hyderabad and 6 percent in Bangalore.

Despite many disruptions and lock downs, few sectors are being witnessed to create more job openings and hiring. IT-hardware, software, manufacturing, E-commerce, Banking, and financial services are among those industries that showed the highest Y-O-Y growth in Hiring.

So, the Employment scenario in India is changing after the second wave of the pandemic. Here are a few tips and trends to stay updated and relevant to the current job scenario in India 2021

1. Remote Work-Culture

Remote work culture is one of the positive changes India has witnessed in these tough times. Remote job hiring has increased by 3X as compared to 2019. Sectors such as Education/Coaching, BPO/ITES, IT, and Internet/E-commerce are major remote work contributors according to Nokari.com.

Acceptance of remote work is paving to the hybrid working model in the coming future of India. Over 59% of job seekers prefer remote work in 2021. 76% of Employees say Work from home is a more productive option than office work. It is for sure that this trend is absolutely here to stay.

2. Upskilling for Career Progression

Upskilling is the only key to stay relevant with new trends and being employable in the coming years. More and more job seekers are focusing on self-developing new industry-related skills to stand out.

Online courses like Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, SEO, and financial management are among the top picks to learn. Softskills such as communication are becoming integral as working conditions changed over the years and the importance of people who can collaborate remotely increased too.

So, learning new things is a key to make your stand in the job market with the current job scenario in India in 2021.

3. Remote Hiring is Being Popular

Remote hiring is the new norm in recruiting process. HR experts are getting comfortable and familiar with the online interviews as campus hiring has taken a remote approach.

The adaptability of job seekers is the most important thing. Remote hiring, Online Assessments, and Zoom meetings are a need of time, and everyone has to adapt to these trends.

4. Least Impacted Sectors that will Drive Hiring in 2021

IT sector is the least impacted industry in this pandemic. It has to be said, IT sector will be on top for hiring in 2021. BPO sector also started on a positive note this year.

IT, Education/Coaching, Internet/E-commerce, and BPO/ITES are those industries that could work remotely, so these sectors are going to play a major role in the current employment scenario in India.

5. Sectors with a comeback in Hiring

Travel, Hospitality, and Retail are the most affected sectors in the Pandemic. Retail was down by 77% and Hospitality experienced a 91% decline in hiring during the first wave of the pandemic.

Wise use of technology made these industries recover slowly, but steadily. Online selling and food delivery played a major role in the recovery.

Education is also one of the most affected sectors, but the online education system drove the way to a quick come-back. We can expect a rapid comeback in hiring in these sectors with the current job scenario in India.

6. Freelancing and Part-time Jobs

Part-Time or freelancing is being popular due to lockdowns. As the job scenario in India changed in the last couple of years, the freelancing business gained popularity and acceptance.

People are looking for gig platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer to find freelancing work. Looking at the current employment scenario in India 2021, people are choosing to freelance over corporate jobs.

Everything has an end, so as the pandemic has. The current job scenario in India is getting on track with our ability to adapt to new things. It’s important to stay relevant to the trend and changes in life. Make ourselves comfortable with these changes as these are going to be a part of our lives forever.

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