Productivity Tools for Startups

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Share this blog post:     There is a rapid increment in the rate at which startups are emerging across the world. Thousands of bootstrapped startup are launching every year and with a shoestring budget at disposal, it becomes crucially important to gain productivity with the help of various tools. Here is the list of [...]

Tips for Finding your Dream Job

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Share this blog post:     We all thrive on dreams and poorest are those who have abandoned dreaming. Every other person in this world works towards their dream and while the definition of dream job changes from person to person, very few strive to work towards it. There is no definitive conclusive guide to [...]

Best Tips for Writing a Great Resume

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Share this blog post:     The world today thrives on marketing and with that, there doesn’t exist a document stronger than Resume when it comes to self- marketing. With the competition so severe, it has become increasingly important to use this powerful document of Resume skillfully. However, building a strong resume requires certain checkpoints [...]