The importance of Vitamin S in this tech-savvy world.

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“Those who tell stories rule the World”. The brands who can successfully convey the human stories hold commendable influence within the community. Through our Vitamin series, we bring you all an anecdote of Mr Angad Manchanda, an expert at weaving web of compelling stories to offer brands a competitive edge. The CEO and CO- founder [...]

The Best Social Media Recruitment Strategies in 2020

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Social media is no longer a platform for personal fun and entertainment. Its use in the professional field is increasing with each passing day. Social media recruiting is a thing and employers across the world are using these platforms to find their potential candidates. Want to know about the best social media recruitment strategies for [...]

A Comprehensive Guide for a Career as HR Recruiter

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HR recruiter is a highly demanding job. You need a zest and consistent strive to excel in this field. If you’re looking for a guidebook to start a career as an HR then this article is all you would need. The growing size of organizations and industries across the world has increased the demand of [...]

Get Inspired With Our Healthy Dosage of Vitamin- I.

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Success is what we strive for. Although the definition of success may vary from person to person, the very foundation of success is strengthened when the person is truly happy from within. Whether you believe it or not, career is what brings us fulfilment, happiness and contentment. In this blog of Vitamin I, we are [...]

Positive Influence of Workplace on Your Mental Health

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Work from home is gaining increasing popularity in recent times for the flexibility it offers. It’s convenient, motivating and is known to increase productivity. However, in these times when work from home is taking over, we cannot ignore the aloofness that arises along with. We, humans, are constantly striving to gain a sense of belonging [...]

How the Job Market Will Change in 2020

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Share this blog post:     Change is what makes us powerful for our future. We cannot sustain without change and the same holds true for the job market. The job market is constantly evolving even when we fail to notice the changes it demands. Now the year 2020 that started with a bang faced [...]

Five Reasons Why You Should Attend a Career and Job Fair

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Share this blog post:     Career is the most important aspect of our life. It holds the crucial hold on the way we wish to shape our lives. Hence, the choice of career we make cannot be instant or spontaneous. Before we step into our professional lives we need to aware ourselves of the [...]

How will lock Down Affects Jobs in IT Industry

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Share this blog post:     The year 2020 that started with the bang of bad news hasn’t bought the much required ray of hope yet. The situation in fact is worsening with each passing day. We are amidst the unprecedented times that has affected the lives of mankind the most. The world, in literal [...]

How to stay connected with your co-workers while working from Home

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Share this blog post:     Working from home offers great flexibility and freedom to work at our convenience. And while this convenience is great for getting things done, we miss out on the most important thing that is human connection. We, humans, dwell on connections and it becomes extremely lonely at times while working [...]

How to Encourage Employee to Perform His Best?

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Share this blog post:     We are humans and unlike robots, we cannot remain robust to changing circumstances around us. And when it comes to our employees, we cannot expect them to be recharged and fueled all year long. There would be times when our employees would radiate energy like a happy child and [...]