How to stay connected with your co-workers while working from Home

How to stay connected with your co-workers while working from Home

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Working from home offers great flexibility and freedom to work at our convenience. And while this convenience is great for getting things done, we miss out on most important thing that is human connection. We humans dwell on connections and it becomes extremely lonely at times while working from home. You see our productivity naturally increases when we are surrounded by people with same zest and enthusiasm as ours. Working from home reaps us from such vivacious energy.

In this unprecedented times, we are amidst the pandemic that has forced us to confine ourselves at home. Willingly or unwillingly we have all began our work from home. And while it is boon to some, a large cohort of people miss going to office and work in a dynamic environment with their colleagues. If you’re finding it difficult to stay connected with your colleagues while working from home, here are certain tips that would help you keep in touch.

  1. Stay active

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and more than a luxury it has found its place in necessity. Be it an office group or your personal colleague groups, stay active. Don’t lose a thread of communication. Even a simple message everyday takes you a long way in staying connected with your colleagues.

  1. Opt for communication through video

Ditch that text and switch to video mode. Text messages snatches from us the intricacies of human emotions. That barrier is removed through video methods. If you’re working from home on most days make it a habit of staying connected through weekly video calls. Catch up on latest happenings in and around office by making fun memories.

  1. Register for active classes

If you’re missing on spending times with your colleague we recommend you to involve in exciting activities together. Sign up for a class together, go for weekly dinners, catch your favorite movie or simply manage to play that fun sport. The more quality time you get to spend with your colleague stronger would be your bond. In these times of lock down, where going out isn’t an option. You could simply choose among the thousands of online fun activities.

  1. Involve in healthy competition

As a part of keeping teams motivated and together companies these days organize various trivia games. Participate in such quiz and competitions by remaining active. Don’t limit yourself to work conversation. Be actively present in off time activities. It is fun to compete with your colleagues keeping in mind the banter remain healthy.

We are blessed to live in a world where technology is easily accessible and available for all. Bring it to your use to stay connected with your colleagues.

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