Best Tips for Writing a Great Resume

Best Tips for Writing a Great Resume

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The world today thrives on marketing and with that, there doesn’t exist a document stronger than Resume when it comes to self- marketing. With the competition so severe, it has become increasingly important to use this powerful document of Resume skillfully. However, building a strong resume requires certain checkpoints in order to stand apart.

We are the job consultancy based in Surat and it is natural that we come across hundreds and thousands of resume every day. However, when it comes to calling these candidates for an interview of various jobs in Surat, very few clear a barricade because of their unpolished resume. With our tips on building a neat resume, you are bound to land an interview for the jobs in Surat for freshers or experienced.

1. Customize your resume according to needs

Are you among those individuals who send in their resumes right away before even reading the job description? Well, then this haste technique of yours won’t land you anywhere. Each job description is different from other and employers expect the candidates to tailor-make their resume in accordance with the job role. Go through the description thoroughly and then customize your skill sets and summary in a manner that would fit an individual job the best. By doing so, you’re at least saving your resume from landing in a trash can.

2. Adopt the style of reverse chronology

By doing so you’re grabbing the reader’s attention to the most important aspect. Be it your qualifications or job experience, list them down in an order of reverse chronology. Having said that, your highest education or your last job should be listed at the top of the list.

3. Consider an important aspect of readability

You don’t want your probable employers to squint their eyes while reading your resume. It is quite a task to fit all the important aspects in a readable manner. With technology at fingertips, you could use powerful tools like zety, canva and others to pick your template layout. Besides, stick to basic fonts of Calibri, Arial, and Times New Roman with the font size of 10 to 12. It is of crucial importance to balance your white space with text. With powerful resume builders at your rescue, all you need to focus is on the content of your resume.

4. Check for grammatical errors

Resume creates an impression of yours long before you enter for an interview. And while it is one of the most flown across the tip, check out for spelling and grammatical errors before sending in your resumes. Use the tools like Grammar to check for grammatical errors and get it skim read by others to avoid any case of possible errors. One of the greatest opportunity crasher lies in petty errors of spellings and grammar.

5. Accuracy in contact details

As a self-marketing tool, your resume should contain all the essential contact details. And while the details of contact number and mail address are prerequisite, it is advisable to add the links to your LinkedIn profiles and any other social media account that represents the part of your professional work. Take advantage of technology and add all the essential blogs and article links to prove your professional stand.

6. Avoid unnecessary information

Just because you don’t have enough experience or achievements to mention doesn’t mean you could blabber in your resume. Never, never, never lie in your resume. It will come across during an interview or at later stages and could lead you to serious problems. Besides, every word in your resume should make sense with its presence. From qualifications to experience, skim your information through skilled statement formation.

7. Don’t haste while filling an achievement section

And while stating your achievements in a plaintiff manner might seem easier, illustrating your skills and achievements in accordance with job role would help you stand apart. Besides, it is always better to state statistics to keep your strong foot forward. Quantifiable information is much more attractive as opposed to plainly laid statement.

So what are you still waiting for? Start building your resume for that dream job you worked so hard for. Portray your strong forte in the best possible manner on your resume and we promise you that your resume won’t be in a trashcan for the next time.


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