Best Social Media Recruiting Tips and Strategy 2021

Best Social Media Recruiting Tips and Strategy 2021

We all are aware of the importance of Social Media in our lives in 2021. The same goes for recruiting as well. Over 92% of recruiters use the social media recruiting process to hire employees in 2021.

The social media recruitment process is a practice of using social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook to build their online brand, network with potential candidates and hire talent.

Being an organization, you can share valuable content in your niche, job posts, office pictures, and many more. By using a few simple and effective social media recruiting tips, you could easily hire productive employees.

Here are a few social media recruiting tips that could help you create an online brand reputation in 2021.

1. Building Online Brand Reputation

In this social media world, an online brand is the most important thing for any organization. Build a reputation in your niche among your competitors and potential candidates. People are active on social media platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

Social media is the best way to convey your message to the audience in your niche.  This is the first step to your social media recruitment strategy. Many social media recruitment tools will come in handy once you start using social media.

2. Share Quality Content

This is the most important part of the social media recruitment strategy 2021. You can connect to your audience, solve their questions, and interact with them. Significantly, your content must be curated and authentic.

To make a reputation know your audience, create content to answer their questions. Make content strategy and mix up your content in different formats.

You can use these formats to include in your strategy.

  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Images

3. Engage on the Platform and Build a Community

Engagement on social media platforms is a give-and-take thing. If you engage with content in your niche, people will engage with your content too. Add value with your comment. DM people in your niche to connect.

This will help you with your social media recruitment strategy. You’ll grow organically by engaging on the platform in 2021.

4. Use of Hashtags

Take time to know and understand the power of hashtags. It’s not that simple to put a hashtag (#) before a word, and you good to go.

It’s quite important to understand hashtags, know the reach of hashtags, their geography, how many people use them, whether it’s relevant to your content or not.

If the hashtag is not relevant to your content, it’s of no use. Even if it’s more popular, there is a risk of getting lost in the big pool of content. Use different sets of hashtags for different platforms and different content.

Don’t repeat the same sets. You’ll learn more as you start posting content regularly. Use social media recruitment tools such as Instagram stats to have a track of your activity.

5. Join Linkedin Groups

Over 87% of recruiters use Linkedin to source clients. Linkedin is a professional social media platform. Linkedin is the biggest community of working professionals. Linkedin groups are a great place to find potential clients.

It’s about network, you can easily find key influencers and top talents. Linkedin groups are the pool of talent, and you can check potential clients and their profiles to identify the perfect candidate.

You can also approach them with Linkedin DMs, connection request notes, or Linkedin inmails.

6. Involve Employees While Sharing Social Media Posts

Ask your employees to engage and share your content. The power of personal recommendation could never be underestimated. Social media is all about reach, and your employees will help reach more and more people.

This also helps your employees to grow and learn new things, so the quality of employees could increase too.

7. Use Social Media Recruitment Tools

With new updates in 2021, you can use many social media recruitment tools to hire candidates and build an online reputation. Use buffer and Hootsuite to make your content calendar and schedule it.

Use different features like Instagram activity, Facebook pages, Linkedin Articles, Instagram reels to be authentic and creative with your content.

Key Takeaways

You can’t expect results from day 1, social media strategy will take time. Taj Mahal was not built in a day nor was your social media presence built overnight.

Make sure your social media recruitment strategy 2021 is pre-planned and created to include your target audience.

Hope these social media recruiting tips help, and always remember, the content is the king and consistency is the queen. Create curated content, and be consistent.

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