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We are the recruitment consultants that would help you find the perfect candidate for your
vacant business positions. As job consultants, we would help our job seekers find the perfect
job opportunity. For us, clients and candidates are equally important. We have an unrelenting
commitment towards the satisfaction of each.
At Job Museum we aim to change the concept of recruitment as perceived by people. Through
us, you would hire a candidate that would best fit your needs and corporate culture in a given
time frame. On the other hand, our Industry expert recruiters would help job seekers find their
perfect job.
Technology is a weapon that we use for the satisfactory service experience of our clients and

How Does Job Museum Placement Consultancy Work?

At Job Museum our primary concern is the utmost satisfaction of our clients and candidates. Our
carefully curated business process is designed keeping their best interest in mind. Our business
process is simple, effective, and has helped us gain their trust.

1. Job opening

An effective job description plays a crucial role in attracting the attention of potential candidates.
After we prepare the job description, we advertise the job opening on our job portal and various
social media platforms. We identify the channels that would reach our targeted candidates and
advertise accordingly.

2. Resume search

Our huge database of potential active job seekers and passive candidates comes to use over here.
Through our advanced technology, we search for the most suitable and perfect candidate for our
clients. Our Industry expert recruiters’ source resume of suitable candidates for the screening
process ahead.

3. Screening

These specialized recruiters make use of AI-driven ATS systems to screen suitable candidates.
They remove unsolicited applicants by selecting a few of the potential candidates.

4. Assessment

We aim to make recruitment as smooth and effective as possible. We conduct individual
assessment tests of candidates to check their suitability. We assess their knowledge and skills
through tests and assignments. Various aptitude and telephonic tests would be taken to check
their suitability.

5. Interview 

Our recruiters would conduct interviews of candidates before sending in the suggestions to
clients. Such interviews could either be personal or through Skype. The candidate is evaluated
based on their performance.

Only when the candidate seems like a perfect match for a vacant job position, would we send
them to the client firm. We would arrange for the interview after coordinating with both, client
and candidate.

6. Evaluation 

Client firms would take individual decisions after the candidate is interviewed by them. We
would offer our valuable insights but won’t push sales. This stands true for candidates also. We
won’t force the candidates into jobs through web lies.

7. Coordination

We help in striking a negotiation between concerned parties. Our role is that of a mediator and
we would ensure that an entire process remains smooth and effective.
An aspect of professionalism won’t be given negligence under any of these processes. We aren't
content with mere satisfaction. We want our clients and candidates to grow and prosper through
our easy recruitment services.

What Do We Do?

We offer overall recruitment solutions to organizations of varied sizes in India. We help them in
their search of talent by leveraging the wide database of job seekers to their use. We help job
seekers in their search for ideal jobs by giving them access to a large number of potential
employer firms.

The following are the recruitment and placement services we specialize ourselves in.

1. Permanent/Full-Time Recruitment

We offer overall recruitment solutions to our clients by helping them find and recruit full time,
permanent employees. Right from understanding the needs of our clients, we prepare job
descriptions, the source for potential candidates, conduct preliminary screening and help our
clients in making hiring decisions. We incorporate our AI-enabled technology in our recruitment
processes to generate effective results.

2. Creating descriptive job descriptions.

An ideal job description could attract potential candidates to apply for the job. At Job Museum,
we help our clients by making comprehensive job descriptions for them.

3. Resume writing.

Resumes and CV’s are your first impression setter for recruiting firms. Unattractive and wrongly
created Resumes can affect your application as a prospective candidate. We at the Job Museum,
step in to create competent resumes to propose a strong candidature.

4. Guidance and consultation to job seekers.

With new and varied developments happening in industries, job roles are changing faster than
ever. Our highly competent guidance teams will offer guidance about the jobs that will be best
suited for your candidate profile.

5. Training for interviews.

We understand the performance pressure an individual faces in a job interview. Sometimes, even
the most skilled and competent job seeker loses confidence in an interview. As a competent job
consultancy in Surat, we will help you ace an interview for the job.

· Recruitment Process Outsourcing

· Contract/Temporary Staffing Services

· Retained & Onsite Recruitment Services

· IT recruitment

What Makes Us Unique?

We firmly believe that every organization is unique and we are not here to compete with others.
Our only competition is our performance. We diligently work hard to improve our performance
every single day. We stick to the principle values that allow us to continue delivering the best of
our recruitment and placement services.

We believe in a strong foundation. We ardently listen to our clients' requirements instead of
selling them some unrequested talent. We listen, understand, and only then would we strategize
and curate for them, their unique recruitment plan.

We take the minimum possible time to hire.

Recruitment services are effective only when they are delivered on time. Through our Machine
Learning assessment, we would source and find the perfect candidate for your firm in no time.

1. We reduce the cost of hire.

Recruitment is a costly process. However, we promise to offer superior, speedy, and efficient
recruitment services at cost-effective rates to our clients. Through our extensive channel, we
would save you huge recruitment expenses.

2. We improve employee retention rates.

We understand the huge recruitment expense that the firm faces because of employee turnover.
The expenses incurred on hiring and training new employees could cost a fortune in the long run.
Our detailed candidate screening would ensure that candidates hired through us retain for long.

3. We reduce the time to hire. 

We understand the crucial importance of timing while recruiting. The time from when you list
the vacancy to the time the position gets filled, the business incurs unaccounted expenses. We try
to bring down that cost to a minimum by leveraging our wide database of candidates to your use.
We can find the most suitable candidate for you in the least possible time through our high- end

4. Sourcing channel.

Firms might have multiple recruiting partners for their recruitment needs. We make a point of
sending only qualified applicants to our clients. Besides, our reputed image amongst job seekers
ensures that our clients receive qualifying candidates only through us.

5. Open vacancies v/s positions filled. 

We bring down the proportion of open vacancies.
The proportion of vacancies open to vacancies filled by us would always remain high. This is
because of our timely recruitment services. We leverage our large database of job seekers to fill
optimally the open positions of our clients.

At Job Museum, we firmly believe in the idea of continuous learning and development. Our
rigorous training programs make us capable of adapting to changing times. This makes us
distinct from others in the industry.

What makes Job Museum Unique

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