A Comprehensive Guide for a Career as HR Recruiter

A Comprehensive Guide for a Career as HR Recruiter

HR recruiter is a highly demanding job. You need a zest and consistent strive to excel in this field. If you’re looking for a guidebook to start a career as an HR then this article is all you would need.

The growing size of organizations and industries across the world has increased the demand of HR professionals across the World. And while HR roles are quite varied, the one most intriguing role of HR is being a recruiter. In these rapidly progressing times where job market and candidate market is driven by competition, it is extremely difficult to find a candidate most suitable for the vacant position and the same holds true for available jobs. This is where HR recruiter steps in to fulfil the manpower demand of an organization.

Who is the HR recruiter?

HR recruiter is concerned with sourcing, attracting and acquisition of manpower for their client business firms. They do so by developing their network while keeping their knowledge abreast to the latest standards. HR recruiter, in short, equips you with your employee needs with the utmost ease.

What are the educational requirements for starting a career as an HR recruiter?

The prime requirement for starting a career is undoubtedly a graduate degree. This is the most basic qualification one would require. In many cases, you could start right after your graduation as an HR trainee. However, if you aim to start big, then a master degree would be an added advantage.

Masters in HR helps you understand the minute detailing of a career as an HR. This usually gives you a good start and an opportunity to deal with high-level positions from the beginning.

Professional Certificate training in HR could also be an added advantage to your plain graduation degree.

What are the skills that you must possess?

  • You need great networking and communication skills to carve a successful career as an HR recruiter.
  • Skills to develop unique HR strategies effective for varied clients.
  • Understanding the use and implementation of HR tech tools for efficient servicing.
  • Developing recruitment packages for the clients of varied needs.
  • Consistent touch with HR rules and regulations and abiding by them.
  • Identifying the best suitable matches.
  • Persuasion skills to manage passive candidates.

These are amongst the few skills that every HR recruiter must possess. However, your expertise in these skills would make you distinct from others.

How can you start with a career as an HR recruiter?

Source for internships in desired companies. If you’re not into gaining internship exposure, you can always start with a job in a local company. Try to find placement in companies where you could gain practical exposure to put your skills in practice. You can also start as an individual recruiter by leveraging your network to find new clients.

HR recruiter is a highly demanding job. You need a zest and consistent strive to excel in this field.

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