10 Best Resume Writing Tips that Will Help You Get Hired in 2021

10 Best Resume Writing Tips that Will Help You Get Hired in 2021

Many freshers and even experienced fellows struggle creating compiling resumes. With Technical advancements, new rules and trends are being introduced in the recruitment process. Are you looking for tips for writing a resume in 2021?

We’ve researched all the rules and new trends for a winning resume. How to write a good resume? This is the biggest question for work professionals, so here are a few resume writing tips that will help you get hired in 2021

1. Best comes first

Your resume shouldn’t be a document with everything about you. This is one of the most important resume writing tips to include only the best and job-relevant information to your resume.

Your resume must be like a sales marketing copy to sell you as the best fit for the job. Give priority to the most important things above other stuff. You should make sure the first half of your resume must visualize your accomplishments and experiences that are beneficial for the particular job.

2. Use Reverse Chronology

Many tips for resume writing say you can create a functional resume, a combination resume, or a reverse chronological resume. Still, we would prefer the reverse-chronological method as the best.

You must have to include your most recent experiences in this method.

3. Keep it to a Page

How many pages to include in a resume? This is also a question to worry about for many freshers. It’s great if you could keep your resume on a page. Recruiters use 6-7 seconds to review a CV or a resume. Try to make it precise.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re including everything or not, but what matters is it’s relevant, appealing, and worth reviewing. If you’re still having difficulties keeping it precise, use online links such as LinkedIn profile or online portfolio as supplements.

It should be like a marketing copy that one would like to know more about you.

4. Make it Simple

It’s important to make a resume that could make you stand out, but the most basic principle of resume writing is to keep it simple.

Use basic but modern fonts, like Montserrat, Arial, Helvetica, or Century Gothic. Avoid using fonts such as Comic Sans.

5. Carefully Stand Out

It’s really important to keep the situation in mind while creating a resume. Infographic CVs and Resumes are getting popular these days, which is a great way to include more information on a single page.

But, if you’re submitting it online, it should be in text format that ATS could understand. If you’re applying for a traditional company, avoid more graphics, but feel free to include thoughtful elements.

6. Use Bullets and Numbering

Bullets and numbering are really important as one of the resume writing tips. This helps to present your resume in a more organized way. Don’t make a big list of bullets, only include the most important things.

7. Make it Keyword-Rich

Tips for writing a resume have changed with advanced tech in 2021. ATS has taken over the recruitment process, so it’s necessary to include job-related keywords in your resume. This helps ATS to understand more about your profile.

How to write a resume for a job where ATS reviews a resume? Well, we have a tip for you to find keywords. Go through the job description, the most repeated words are your keywords. Try to include them in your resume.

8. Education after Experience

If you’re an experienced candidate, you must include experience before the education. Your most recent jobs are more relevant to you getting a job than your education.

9. Be thoughtful with your skills and achievements

Wise use of this section could make you the best candidate for the job. You could include any skills, interests, and achievements, but try to make them relevant to your job.

Use dynamic words to show your personality. Beware of some interests that could be controversial or way irrelevant for the job.

10. Proofread

This should not be told, it’s really important to proofread your document before submitting it to a recruiter. Make it spelling and grammatical error less. This is the biggest mistake that should not be avoided.

We’ve included almost all tips for writing a resume, so we believe how to write a good is not a big question for you anymore. These tips are best to follow in 2021.

If you still have any trouble creating a great resume, Job Museum will help you create a great resume in 2021. Tips for writing a resume is one of our many informational blogs. You can reach us at Job Museum for more resources. We provide resume writing services in Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and many more cities in India. Contact us Today !

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